McDonald Company Machines (MCM) since 1979

1971 – 1994 -- McDonald Company Machines has been in the tape machine industry for over 30 years.  Starting in 1971 when Founder and President John F. McDonald was hired as a salesman in the Philadelphia Branch of Better Packages Inc. (BPI).  Moving up through the BPI corporate ladder becoming National Sales Manager in 1976.  In 1979 we incorporated on our own and became the exclusive distributor for BPI in New Jersey.  Always a top five distributor from the early 1980’s through 1992, and the number one distributor in the world from 1992 - 1994.


1994 -- In 1994 we severed our relationship with BPI, to begin a manufacturing venture of our own.  MCM began to manufacture commonly replaced parts on the 555 S&L series as well as the 333.

1996 -- By 1996 the Phoenix® E-1 was born, after painstaking trial and error we have made a better mousetrap.  The Phoenix® effectively eliminated over half the mechanized parts of most common tape dispensers available at that time.  As a testament to this John F. McDonald was awarded a US patent for his work on the Phoenix®.

1999 -- We developed the Phoenix® E-2 the first and only gummed tape machine that offers truly hands free tape on demand.

2000-- The Phoenix® E-2R is born.  This machine allows users to auto-repeat a single length with two touches of the keypad.  The fastest dispenser on the market.

2005– The Innovation Continues MCM is again the first.  Introducing the Evolution, the Evolution is the first print on demand inkjet system incorporated directly into the tape dispenser.

2006 – The Evolution is now available for stand alone coding applications.
Our mission is to provide the best equipment, support, and service through our network of distributors.  We believe in service above all else.  McDonald Company Machines is in a state of constant innovation.  There is a lot of our history that is yet to be written.  If you would like to be a part of it please contact us at the numbers on our home page.  Whether you are a distribution company looking to add a high quality product to your line or an end user that needs to add a high quality tape machine, we want to hear from you.


* Better Pack®, is a registered trademarks of BPI